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Jo Walton
1 December 1964
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I kissed a kif at Kefk.

"If all the sky were paper
And all the seas were ink,
We'd have a lot to read and write
But nowt to eat or drink."

Traditional nursery rhyme.

Jo Walton's newest series is Thessaly, which consists of three volumes, The Just City and The Philosopher Kings which were both published in 2015, and Necessity, due out from Tor on July 12th 2016.

She had two books out in 2014, a collection of essays called What Makes This Book So Great which won the Locus Award for Best Non Fiction, and the science fiction novel My Real Children, which won the Tiptree Award and the American Librarian Association's RUSA Award.

Her fantasy novel Among Others, 2011 won the Hugo, Nebula, Robert Holdstock, Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice and Copper Cylinder Awards and was nominated for the World Fantasy and Mythopoeic awards.

Her fantasy novel Lifelode was published in February 2009 by NESFA Press, and is available from them. They also published her poetry collection, Sibyls and Spaceships. Lifelode is a domestic fantasy, which won the Mythopoeic Award and a Tiptree Honor.

Before that she wrote the Small Change series, Farthing (2006), Ha'Penny (2007) and Half a Crown (2008). They are stand alone novels, but better if you read them in order. They are best described as alternate history mysteries. Farthing was nominated for the Nebula, John W. Campbell Memorial, Sidewise, Locus and Quill Awards and won the Romantic Times Reviewe's Choice Award. Ha'Pennny won the Prometheus Award, and was also nominated for the Sidewise, Lambda and Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards. Half a Crown won the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award and was also nominated for the Sidewise Award. They are available in French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

She has also written the World Fantasy Award winning Tooth and Claw, (Tor November 2003) a sentimental Victorian novel about dragons who eat each other. It is available in Chinese, Japanese, German, Czech and Spanish and has been reprinted by Tor in an Orb trade paperback edition.

Her earlier works are The Prize in the Game (Tor 2002, paperback April 2004) and the diptych The King's Peace (Tor 2000) and The King's Name (Tor 2001). These two are also available in German and Dutch.

She won the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer in 2002.

She comes from Wales, but lives in Montreal where the food and books are more varied. As well as this livejournal, which she uses mostly for poetry, recipes, and wordcount, she blogs regularly about books on Tor.com
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