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    Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
    [ winter2010 ]
    Taxe boutique Downtown mall

    i am looking for a decent place where I can file my taxes.
    My taxes are rather simple and in the past I have sometimes found accountants who rent a booth a the mall.
    Which mall in Montreal offers such services right now. I prefer Downtown.

    Thank you very much.

    Current Mood: curious
    Saturday, April 19th, 2014
    [ lizvogel ]
    Intermediate Writers Gathering
    Howdy, Fourth Streeters!

    I was talking to some folks last year, and around the 'net betimes, and we agreed that there's a dearth of resources and support for intermediate-level writers. There's a ton of resources out there aimed at beginners, and the established pros generally have their own things going, but that gap in the middle is... well, a gap. And since I fall in that gap myself, I naturally want to do something about it.

    And what better way to start than by having an Intermediate Writers gathering at 4th Street? Janet has kindly agreed to squeeze us in on Friday night after dinner. If you consider yourself an intermediate writer, come and hang out with people who're in the same boat as you, or at least floating on the same water and wondering where all the paddles have gone. Network with other intermediate writers. Meet potential critique partners. Share resources and tips. Have fun. Have snacks.

    So what, you may ask, is an intermediate writer? Well, if...'ve finished a novel (or the short-story equivalent)'re frustrated with the beginner-level discussion on most writing forums've given up on events that are filled with wannabes and info you could find in fifteen minutes with Google, but you still want resources and friendly folks you can learn from're querying, you're submitting, but you don't yet have the street-cred of publication

    ...then you might be an intermediate writer.

    Interested? If this is what you've been waiting for all your life, or even something you'd like to stop by and check out, please comment here or drop a line to me at dm6psn9b7q AUTON snkmail DALEK com (replace the obvious alien invaders with the appropriate punctuation), just so we can get a rough head-count for planning purposes. Any questions or observations, ditto.

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    Thursday, April 17th, 2014
    [ obskura ]
    landlord issues (xposted to my journal)
    So my landlady-person just threatened me with obstruction. I was not informed of a visit (she only asked my roommate and sent him an email around noon today, i was never informed of any of this) and I did not let the prospective tenants in (I was on my way out). The landlady said via email if my apartment isn't rented by July 1st we're responsible for it until it's rented. Meanwhile she refuses to let me know when people are coming, but she'll inform my roommate by email only, when he's unable to email during the day. Any suggestions other than sitting around my apartment naked while I'm home? We're all aware of the 24 hour notification, and we gave our notice in February.

    Current Mood: angry
    Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
    [ gifcruz ]
    Where (or from whom) to get a good chair massage?
    Hello Montreal community!
    I'd like to enlist your help. I want to find out where (or from whom) is the best place to get a good, thorough chair massage. I didn't seek any recommendations for my last massage and it was very disappointing. So if you know a good place or a good massage therapist, lemme know :)

    I don't have a car, so preferably it'll be STM-accessible. I'm willing to pay for a quality massage, but I'd like to keep the price tag (for a half-hour session) to nothing more than 100$. And, most importantly, I am not interested in a happy ending. Just the massage.
    Thanks guys! 
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