Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Work is going well: a pantoum

Work is going well.
On a happy morning filled with pears,
a mysterious gift, and sunlight,
and words bubbling up.

On a happy morning filled with pears
You want to feel delight unconstrained
and new words bubbling up:
something casts a shadow.

You want to feel delight unconstrained
by knowing the future.
Something casts a shadow...
Intimations of the possible.

By knowing the future,
a mysterious gift, and sunlight,
intimations of the possible --
work is going well.

This is a formal pantoum, a very weird form. The pears are not all that mysterious a gift, except in their profusion, Ada's household sent them to us, and they arrived via a delighted FedEx deliverer. She clearly enjoyed taking people unexpected boxes of pears. And then as I was thanking Ada in chat, she used the expression "a happy morning filled with pears" which seemed worth commemorating. Also, I am starting a new thing. This poem sponsored by my formal form loving patrons on Patreon, encouraging me to do what I would do anyway and making me feel appreciated.
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What a fascinating format!

I admit, I laughed aloud when reading this--the very first thing which popped into my head was "Suck it, NuWho, and your unsightly dislike of pears."


The only question remains: Bartlett? Bosch? Anjou?
They're Royal Rivera pears, new to me, and so far all I have done is smell and look at them as I am waiting for them to be ripe. They're huge and smell great!