Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

A Trump Christmas Carol

So I didn't mean to post that poem in the last post, I thought of it as I was thinking about writing this post.

Laurie Penny, who is awesome, had the great idea of writing a version of A Christmas Carol where Trump gets visited by people of artists who died in 2016. And she and John Scalzi and Roz Kaveney wrote bits of it, and then Laurie asked me to join in, and I did, using Bill Higgins's excellent thought of artists who were born in 2016. And I wrote a poem which is part of it (and which really is not the Christmas poem you were looking for!) and the whole thing is up on Uncanny Magazine as a holiday special, despite the fact that we only thought of it on Thursday and didn't get it finished until last night.

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