Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Fifty-two today

And it's been a very mixed year. Personally great in many ways, but the world has been through rather a lot. The question of My Real Children about living a good life in a bad world or the opposite is one that does occur to me uncomfortably sometimes.

Places I visited for the first time when I was fifty-one:

Walnut Creek, California
Orleans, France
St Malo, France
Fiesole, Italy
Indianapolis, Indiana
Kansas City, Missouri
Oka, Quebec
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Happy number of weeks in a year and cards in a deck! And see you soon-ish.
We were just saying yesterday that it seemed like ten million years since we were there for your fiftieth birthday! Anyway, many more happy ones.
Have a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday. And best wishes for 2017.

Happy birthday! And I lived in Walnut Creek during my high school years. It was pretty nice.
Happy birthday! Fifty-two was Shakespeare's last, poor soul--wishing you 52 more, and looking forward to your late late romances.

Happy Birthday!
Many happy returns! I know what you mean about doing well when all around you things seem to be falling apart. Despite our anger and frustration over the Brexit vote and our worries over US friends after the election, personally we're doing fine and settling into our retirement very nicely with plenty to keep us occupied and far less stress.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Jo. Thanks for writing all your books.
Wishing you an excellent day and an excellent year to come!
I hope you have a lovely, lovely birthday and that 2017 is great both for you *and* the rest of the world!
I am glad to see you have had a good year. May you have many more.
Happy birthday! I just bought four of your books to give away at Christmas. My Real Children goes to my Mum.

I'm thinking about it a lot lately. For me personally things are going ok, but I feel like the world is falling appart around me. I just hope that we manage to not elect the nazi on sunday. I am from Austria and the thought that we might spearhead the European neo-fascist movement is abhorent to me.
Happy birthday, Jo!
Happy birthday!
2016 is like the Wizard of Oz, being Great and Terrible?

Happy birthday!
Penblwydd hapus i ti.

This year, I get to be the first to post it in the comments. Also, I hope that I am not giving offense by being unduly familiar; I recall your explanation of the distinction between ti and chi from a previous beginning of December, and hope that in view of our lengthy online acquaintanceship and physical meeting at Balticon, where you were most gracious to me, I am numbered among those permitted to write ti. If not, I will humbly accept a reproof.
happy belated!
Happy (belated) birthday! If the universe has decided to base a few years on your books, I'd like to direct it to the Thessaly series.
I am very glad you were born.

May the world improve while your own life continues to please you.
I'm glad you had a good year and hope this upcoming year is full of many fun [and Ada-based] adventures.
The question of My Real Children about living a good life in a bad world or the opposite is one that does occur to me uncomfortably sometimes.

That seems only appropriate, as you brought it to such a poignant point for all of us.

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!