Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Just in time for Boreal

An interview with me in French.

I'm off to Boreal in Quebec City tonight, where I'm appearing on four panels, two in French (with help at hand) and two in English.

We're finally getting our kitchen floor mended -- those of you who have been here may have noticed the hole. It's messy and expensive but at least it's nearly done. Meanwhile it's been very hard to concentrate on anything, and impossible to cook. It's being painted as well as re-floored, and we're having a new sink, which was essential, but not new cabinets otherwise. Under the sink we found some of the old linoleum tiles from 1929 when the building was new.

Oh, and a mini-Mayday poem I wrote on nineweaving's journal:

The sun came out here in the afternoon
And said "Now May the heavens cease to storm
May small buds swell, and burst to leaf you soon
May skies turn blue and moving airs grow warm,
May time turn gentle, waft you into June."
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