Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton


The short story version of "Turnover", my middle-generation of a generation starship story which was published as a chapbook at Novacon, is now available as a reprint in this month's Lightspeed magazine. It can be purchased now in various forms, and the story will be online later in the month. Also lots of other great stuff in this issue of Lightspeed, of course.

It's... what is it. It's a story about some friends having lunch on a generation starship. It's not the first chapter of a novel I couldn't write, oh no, perish the thought. Totally a short story.

Ever since I went to Florence, everything I have written has Florence in it, whether it happens to be set in this world (My Real Children) or in Heaven (St Zenobius and the Aliens) or in Plato's Republic (The Just City and The Philosopher Kings) or, in the case of "Turnover" on a generation starship.
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