Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Con or Bust Auction

Open for bidding now. I have some books there:

What Makes This Book So Great, Tooth and Claw, Among Others. Go there to bid on them.

Con or Bust raises money to help people of color go to conventions. There's a truly great editorial in the New York Reviww of SF in which womzilla says:

"No magazine should have to say, “You are welcome to send articles to us, to send essays to us, to send books to us for review, regardless the color of your skin, the object of your worship, whom you love and who loves you. You are human and we want to hear from you.” But in this world, at this time, yes, it is worthwhile, necessary, for us to say exactly that, out loud."

Similarly with Con or Bust helping increase diversity in fandom. In an ideal world, it would be completely unnecessary for it to exist. Let's help get to that world. It's 2014, and half the people I'm following on Twitter are space-exploring robots. Go and bid on things -- they have lots of cool things, not just books of mine.
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