Jo Walton (papersky ) wrote,

Sonya and Rob's Wedding Day

Let there be light.
Let there be shadow too, and let the dapple fall
on seascape, and the jetsam, gathered up, becoming art.
Let there be the two of you, ongoing into family,
a blown glass float and an unexpected pinecone
in the tangled net of love, connection,
conversation, buoying up
the past and future twined, your great
grandmother who wove
and your great
grandchildren who will love
this story
on a day beyond the dark horizon,
a day that flows on winding sea-lanes
on from today
through storms and journeys, fogs and tidewrack,
treasure trove, halcyons, crisp fall mornings,
and the waves that run on and ever on and back,
the tides that splash your toes
and wear down granite cliffs
time flowing on and back, on
from today, and from the day you saw each other,
and from tomorrow and tomorrow and

(This is in response to this post. Putting it here so I can find it again.)
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