Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Thud: Thessaly

Words: 1642
Total words: 10741
Files: 4
Tea: Pu Erh
Music: Bach motets, and then Three Double Concertos (Plato is *so* right about music.)
RSI: Kind of sucky.
Reason for stopping: end of chapter and RSI.

If I can write two more chapters I'll say I can write this book.

I didn't explain this very well yesterday. If you were a time traveller and you could save artworks that we know used to exist but which don't exist any more, what would you go for?

Not at all incidentally to this, if I had my natural pastiche talent but in art instead of in words, and if I'd spent the last thirty years painting, maybe I would be able to paint the Botticelli's "Winter" that I can see in my head and which my characters have in their dining hall and which we lost in the Bonfire of the Vanities. I had to go and stare at my reproduction of the Madonna with the Book for a while until I felt better. When I have poetry or a story in my head I can get it out of my head and share it with people. When I have music or a painting it's just impossible, except by describing it in words as best I can. Well, it's the price you pay. But I can see the Inverno in my mind's eye as clearly as I can see the Primavera.

Oh yes, and I sold "On the Impending Death of Iain Banks" to Moral Relativism Magazine.
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