Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Thud: My Real Children

Words: 1778
Total words: 24083
Files: 3
Music: Bach's Flute Sonatas
Tea: Pu Erh
RSI: Not great
Reason for stopping: This is as much as I want in this chapter, and I'm in the unusual situation of having to go back and fill out bits after research, which will make this a decent length chapter.

Department of "do my homework for me".

So, a female schoolteacher of 27 wants to buy a house in Cambridge in 1954. I know it was hard for women to get mortgages. How hard? Would it even be possible?

How much would a house in Florence cost in the late fifties, and what would the difficulties be for a British schoolteacher buying one outright?

Driving tests -- anybody know about UK driving tests for 1956?

Now we are getting some actual alternate history visible on the page! Thank goodness. People are going to say this isn't SF, and all I'm going to be able to say is "Is too."
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