Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton


A piece I wrote about what I was doing with the Small Change universe on the Tor/Forge blog, to go with the republication of Farthing, which will be out next week.

New cover for Ha'Penny which will be out in May. I really like this cover, the colours and the whole feel of it. If you look at the theatre you can see it says "Hamlet starring Viola Lark & Lauria Gilmore".

And there will be a trade paperback of Half a Crown in a few months too, but I haven't seen the cover for that yet. Watch this space. That will of course be the first paperback of any kind.

I mentioned the UK Tooth and Claw already, and also this month Corsair are launching the trade paperback of Among Others, with some fuss. I'm in the slightly curious position of having acquired B format paperbacks of three of my books all at the same time.
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