Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Marriage by special license

OK, so everybody knows about marriage by special license in the Regency. And it appears that today in England and Wales you can get married by special license without needing to wait more than a day -- you can apply on Monday and get married on Wednesday.

Google seems deeply interested in telling me about on the one hand special licenses in the time of Jane Austen and on the other the situation right now, which I can see is what normal people would be trying to look up, but it's rather frustrating.

What I'm finding hard to sift is what the situation was in 1949.

Does anybody know?

The situation I have is a batchelor resident in Oxford and a spinster resident either in Cornwall (where she's been working) or maybe technically at her family home in Twickenham, wishing to marry as immediately as possible, in Oxford. I want them to have a religious ceremony -- they're both C of E and he would have a parish church as well as regularly attending services in college. If they can get married faster by a civil wedding and then have a religious blessing later, that will do.
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