Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Five things make a post

1) The Pulp-o-Mized covers are available as part of the Con-or-Bust auction -- well, four of them if your choice. Go, bid, if you want one. And I have bought myself an Among Others mug, just because.

2) I just signed contracts for Italian and Lithuanian rights to Among Others. I was trying to think but I have genuinely forgotten how many languages this makes. I could (and probably should) work it out by sorting through contracts, but yay! You want to know what awards are good for? Foreign sales. And you know what foreign sales are good for? In addition to people getting to read the book in other languages, they're extra money for no extra work.

3) I'm going to Dallas on Tuesday for ConDFW, hope to see some of you there. I'm going on the train as usual, out via Chicago and home via New Orleans and New York. What mix of clothes should I take? Will I be OK with sandals or will I need winter boots? It's minus eleven and snowing half a blizzard here this morning. And that's considerably warmer than yesterday, which was one of those minus twenty days when you have to remind yourself to breathe because it's so cold.

4) Farthing Party announcement coming later today.

5) I discovered on closer examination that the Valentine card I bought for rysmiel does in fact contain a minute birthday cake in among the other things. Guess I'll be saving that for another occasion then!
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