Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Thud: My Real Children

Words: 2293
Total words: 6572
Files: 4 (I now have a Plan file. Not much of a plan as yet, but a file anyway.)
Tea: London Tea Company White Tea With Elderflower and Apricot.
Music: J.S. Bach's Sonatas for Flute performed by Marc Hantai, with help from Jerome Hantai, violin, Ageet Zweistra, Cello, and Pierre Hantai, harpsichord. I love it that they're three brothers, and Ageet is a friend who has played with them for over ten years.
RSI: slightly twingey
Reason for stopping: suddenly felt as if I was pushing it and needed to breathe.

Don't count on this working yet. I can write ten thousand words of anything. If I get beyond that, well, we'll see. It feels like it's working for now though. It also feels as if it's on another bizarre edge of genre.

Bizarre edges of genre! Why do I always end up writing my way along them?
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