Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Brain, brain, brain, see what's become of me...

I just realised I have iconic representations of my books in my head. The reason I liked the description of Farthing as "a stiletto wrapped in a buttered crumpet" is partly because my image of Farthing is a sharp little knife. Ha'Penny is the comedy/tragedy masks with a Hitler moustache. Half a Crown is a dancing slipper. Lifelode is the Red Queen's knitting. Among Others is one of my old red Silvine notebooks with "Very Private" written on the cover.

Now this is where it gets weird. Tooth and Claw is unmoving stones on a hill. The Prize in the Game is seven notes of Horslips Setanta theme. And the Sulien books (all one thing in my head) are a tapestry of horses riding south-east.

I didn't consciously decide these, it's just that that is what they are, the mental image shorthand for the book, these things are in a very real sense what the books are. I certainly didn't sit down at any point and assign the image to the book.

In two of these cases the image got onto the page. Some of them make sense, but why is Lifelode a big ball of messy knitting and why isn't T&C a dragon?
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