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Easter cakelings

Note on Quaint Ethnic Custom: Easter is a spring festival, Anglo-Saxon in origin. Bede says it is a celebration of the goddess Eostre, but as she's otherwise unknown, she could be a back-formation from the name of Easter. In any case, it's been celebrated in Britain for a long time, generally with presentation of small edible sweet gifts to people, especially children, and with making and decorating food in the shape of eggs, rabbits and spring flowers. Any religious connotations it may have had have disappeared. It is generally celebrated at the same time as, and occasionally confused with, the Christian Paschal, which commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

This answers the question that bemused me as a child: what do creme eggs have to do with crucifixion?

Easter Cakelings
Pre-heat oven to 200/400/6.
Melt three ounces of butter/marge. While it is melting, put 12 paper cake cases in patty tin, pretty flowery ones if possible. Measure three ounces of sugar into mixing bowl. Surely the butter is melted by now? When butter is melted, mix it into the sugar with a whisk. Add two eggs, and whisk enthusiastically. Remove whisk. Add four ounces of self raising flour. Fold the flour in. Divide the mixture evenly between the 12 cake cases.
Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until they smell done.
Cool on a wire rack.

Take one ounce of butter/margarine -- marge is actually better. If it's butter, it should be the totally unsalted kind, and you should have left it out overnight.
Put the ounce of marge in a mixing bowl. Take a sieve. Sift four ounces of icing sugar, ("powdered sugar") an ounce at a time, onto the marge. After each ounce, stop and work it in with a wooden spoon -- this is essentially just stroking the marge until the sugar disappears. When it's all in, add one ounce of cocoa powder and do the same with it.

When the cakes are cool, put a teaspoonful of icing on each, smooth with a hot damp knife, or another teaspoon, or your finger. You'll have about enough icing for 14. The rest can be safely frozen for later use, or eaten if you can deal with that much sweetness.

Decorate each cakeling with chocolate eggs. Three Cadbury's Mini Eggs on each would be ideal, but Lindt 70% eggs make a good alternative for people who like dark chocolate if you don't have enough mini eggs because the packets they sell in Montreal are smaller than one would expect. Other possibilities for decoration include small chocolate bunnies or other Easter-appropriate chocolate items.

These Easter cakelings are traditionally put in lunchboxes on the last day of work/school before Easter.

It is possible to do all this before half past seven in the morning, if you get up sufficiently early...

Rysmiel has two, Zorinth has one, I'm going to give some to Zorinth's best friend after school, and we'll probably eat the rest after dinner -- I'd make more for Minicon but I'm pretty sure one isn't supposed to take cake into the US.
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