Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

People in their infinite variety

Among Others is having ones of its best sales periods ever the last few weeks, as apparently everyone has decided that it'll make a great gift. Two people bought it in Flint Michigan, and I have my best Bookstore Tycoon rating ever of 93%. Of course this leads me to an unhealthy focus on the seven missing areas -- come on Las Vegas, Shreveport-Texarcana, Evansville IN, Louisville KY, Jacksonville FL, Knoxville TN, and Davenport/Rock Island/Molin IL! Doesn't anyone there want it? What's wrong with them?

Meanwhile, in Canada, Chapters-Indigo, our chain bookstore, has a weird Christmas promotion where they have books organized to sell as gifts to your dysfunctional family. I'm not kidding. They have sections called "Your Cranky Uncle" and "Your Eccentric Aunt" and so on, with books in them that they imagine will appeal to these people. I feel the pain of people who don't like books trying to buy one of these easy-to-wrap objects for somebody who does, and at least it's not Canada's Olympic History or Diet Secrets of the Stars. I was rolling my eyes all the same, but they have Among Others there under the section "Your Genius Niece". OK, then. Can't argue with that. But your hipster nephew might like it too, not to mention your very nice uncle. Don't they know it's the perfect present for everyone who likes books!

One of rysmiel's co-workers acted on this principle and has bought it for his girlfriend, his girlfriend's two sisters, her parents, his parents, his brother and a friend. I know this because rysmiel brought a bag home from work for me to sign last weekend.

In other news I've had a very horizontal week, as my back completely gave out again. I spent a lot of the longest night reading Dorothy Canfield Fisher's The Bent Twig 1915, in which I learned that Dorothy Canfield Fisher, alone of her tribe (well, practically) was trying to have a civil rights movement. In 1915. We have come a long way since, and it is because of her and people like her. You know how you read old things and make allowances -- well, not for her, not at all. She's an inspiration. I wish we might all do as well against injustice; I certainly wish I might.

Back giving out also means that from being pleasantly ahead with Christmas I am now frantically behind, but Oh Well. We're going out tomorrow to buy a tree, then we'll be decorating it tomorrow evening. I may wrap things this afternoon if I can sit up. Unbought things will have to be tokens -- which Z is pretty much used to anyway. I'm going to concentrate on getting food over the next few days, which we will need rather more urgently. It has also been snowing a lot.

All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.
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