Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

I have my Copper Cylinder

And you'll be glad to know it does contain a mysterious manuscript -- a certificate explaining that I won it, rolled up inside. It's bigger than I expected, and heavier, and considerably prettier than it looks on the website. It has the information inscribed on it -- only in English, not in mysterious hieroglyphs, so Z will be disappointed again. Rebecca from the Sunburst Awards brought it around this morning, and stayed for a cup of tea and a chat (and optional brownies) with Alison and Rene and me. Then rysmiel and I put the cylinder up on the tchotchke shelf shortly afterwards, in between the wooden Sue Mason dragon plate and the hedgehog in a silver cup. Up there it looks like the kind of thing I have on my tchochke shelf, which is good. Mysterious awards for the win. This means Among Others has won five awards altogether -- Hugo, Nebula, British Fantasy, Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice, and this.

In other news AM was here, which was good, and has gone safely home. I can't believe Christmas is so close, but I've been to a carol concert and mrissa has posted her lussekatter post so it must be just around the corner. We've had some snow and I've reluctantly made the move into boots. I've been to the Salon Des Metiers d'Arts twice and am going again tomorrow. My back is a lot better but still a long way from being a good back. I've discovered that I can use the Kindle to read at angles where I can't read an actual book, which has led to a lot of Kindle use -- I've been racing through the works of Elizabeth Von Armin and E.F. Benson.
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