Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Travel and Cons 2013: My Plan

February 15-17th GoH at ConDFW Dallas Forth Worth. I will go on the train and will stay with friends for a couple of days after, and expect to be away from home approx 10th-25th.

March 22nd-24th GoH at Vericon, Harvard, Boston. I will get a ride and expect to be away from home 22nd to 25th.

May 3-5th Boreal, Montreal. Local French language con with English language program track and generally excellent program and company.

May 24-27th GoH at Wiscon, Madison Wisconsin. I will go by train to Chicago and get a ride from there, probably with ashnistrike. Away from home approx 22nd-30th.

July: UK to see family as usual. Away from home approx 1st-28th. Will fly, no transatlantic trains yet.

August 29-September 2nd. Lonestarcon 3 in San Antonio. Worldcon. I keep saying I'm not going to go, but it's Worldcon. Will go on train. Away from home approx 24th August to 8th September.

ETA Farthing Party will be September 27th-29thyOctober 11th-13th (Thanksgiving weekend) Farthing Party, Montreal. Nothing has been done about the hotel or anything yet, but I have half the program done in my head and this is when it's going to be.

October 18th-20th, GoH at Fantastika, Stockholm, Sweden. Will fly, no trains from Montreal to Sweden.

November 8-10th GoH at Novacon, Birmingham. They do have trains from Sweden to Birmingham! So I have a crazy train plan for meandering slowly through Europe between these two conventions, accompanied by elisem. Then I will fly home afterwards, as still no trains from UK to Montreal. Transatlantic tunnel already!

Combined time away from home, approx October 17th-November 12th.

This is a lot, but it's not as crazy as this year.
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