Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

UK Among Others

The UK hardcover edition of Among Others was officially published by Corsair on November 1st, when I was in Toronto lying down with ice on my back and not paying any attention. I now have author copies, which reminds me that I should actually mention it to people in case they want it. (Marketing: Why other people do it for me.) This is a relatively small hardback release.

There's a UK trade paperback coming on 21st March 2013 which will be much more widely available and which will be accompanied by some publicity and fanfares etc. I may also possibly do some signings when I am in Britain in July. (See next rock.)

There's also a UK trade paperback of Tooth and Claw with a lovely cover, coming on February 21st.

And Corsair are going to republish my first three books, The King's Peace, The King's Name and The Prize in the Game first as e-books sometime early next year and then as trade paperbacks sometime later. They will have new covers. (These are all available right now from Tor as e-books.)

Among Others is also coming soon in Japan, China, Taiwan, Roumania and Hungary.
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