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I'm home from WFC in Toronto and... I'm heading back to Toronto this morning for SFContario. It's only five and a half hours away, but I can go for years at a time without going to Toronto, so it's odd to be going there two consecutive weekends. Of course, WFC was so far in the suburbs it barely counts as Toronto -- an hour's drive from Union Station, more in rush hour. I know this because I was lucky enough to get a ride in both directions -- with jazzfish and uilos going, and arranged by Dan from Raincoast Books in the other. This was especially useful because I'd put my back out and could hardly move, let alone carry bags on buses and metros.

Putting my back out meant that I spent lots of WFC lying down with icepacks on it, or just plain lying down. The social highlights tended to be having tea in my room with people. Sitting was agony, and I barely made it through the autographing. I missed a lot of people I'd have liked to have hung out with, but oh well. These things happen.

At the awards ceremony I found myself hoping I wouldn't win so I wouldn't have to take the three steps up to the platform. There ought to be ramps to platforms at awards ceremonies. Otherwise you send a message that you don't want to send -- that only physically fit people are expected to win. The Nebulas did this right, and the Hugos at least had a gesture -- a ramp at the back. WFC had three steps up, no other access. I didn't have to take them and neither did anyone in a wheelchair and it's just as well. But we can do better than this. Let's make an effort on this in future.

I was delighted with Lavie Tidhar's win, and not just because of skipping the steps. I hope it does him the same career good it did me to win the World Fantasy Award with Tooth and Claw. One of the useful things awards do is direct attention to books and authors you might not have been looking at. After winning the Hugo, pretty much everyone who was going to pay any attention to Among Others was aware of it. Osama on the other hand can benefit from it. It would have been nice to win and break records, but it was also turning into win all the awards?. Time for someone else to have a turn.

And SFContario is going to be fun. My back is much better as you can see from the way I'm sitting up typing, though this chair helps a lot with that. It's not a terrific back, and you won't see me lifting anything or bending down soon, but I'll be OK for SFContario. I'm reading tonight in the Merril Collection, and I'll be at the con all weekend -- lots of great panels, including a food panel, other GoH are Jon Singer (who is here, and driving me to Toronto) and Chris Garcia. Geri Sullivan is doing the consuite. It's downtown, near restaurants and bookshops. It's going to be great.
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