Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

On the Death of Danny Lieberman

The conversation snatched away, the care
Left hanging, because dying is the pits
But death's the door slammed shut, the end of it.
Chopped short like sushi that you'll never share.

Death pure and simply sucks, too much by half,
It's rotten that we have to end and die
Cut off like that -- I barely knew the guy,
But saw his face and heard again his laugh...

Which now I know we'll never hear again.
And OK, death can be an end of pain
But why should pain be either? Not Resigned.
It shouldn't work this way, this is unkind.

I've got no comfort. Life goes on, it's tough,
And new people get born -- is that enough?

(Written and posted in gerisullivan's comments to Geri's post, in which context this makes most sense. The "you" directly addressed here is Geri.)
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