Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Has John Scalzi Actually Eaten Ass?

John Scalzi says that coffee tastes like ass and supergee said the same thing, but they are talking nonsense. I don't like coffee either, but it tastes very bitter and very distinctive. I'd say it's a bit like chicory and a bit like licorice, and a bit like whisky, but not really.

So the question is: Have Scalzi and Arthur actually eaten ass?

Or do they just think it must be horrible and bitter, for no reason?

I have eaten ass, and it was delicious.

I'd had horse before -- horse tastes like really really good beef. I had it for the first time in the Soviet Union, and I ate it before I knew what it was, which is probably good because I might have come over all "But horses are so cute!" if I didn't already know it was delicious. It looked like steak, it tasted like amazingly good steak. It was horse, I've been eating it ever since. I've only had ass once though, in Brittany, mostly to see what it was like. The friend I ordered sausage ("Donkeys are so cute...") so I ate it alone. It was in a stew with mushrooms and garlic, served over rice, and it was tender and delicately spiced and absolutely lovely and not even remotely like coffee.
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