Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Five Things Make a Post

1) It's Thanksgiving, coming right on time to mark the harvest and the change of seasons. It was also Z's birthday on Friday, so this weekend has been all celebration. We went out with Z and A Friday evening, then ashnistrike and Nameless arrived. We had a party Saturday night mostly to celebrate the Hugo, and a Thanksgiving dinner for seven people last night which ashnistrike and I cooked, duck and chestnut salad, stuffed pintade (guinea fowl, totally delicious), six-kinds-of-mushroom ravioli, baked vegetables, and leftovers from the party for dessert. Lots of fun.

2) Entre Extranos is now available in Spanish, with a truly Gothic cover, and there's an interview with me in Spanish here. (I did the interview in English and they translated it.)

3) I can't link to it because I'm not in Britain, but it seems that people in the UK can buy the e-book of Among Others for 99p. So if you're in the UK and you bought the US version, you might want to buy a very cheap e-book too to support British publishing and have it in both formats. Or for that matter it's a great price if you haven't read it... and you're reading my journal because... you really wanted a recipe for Greek-influenced lamb pie. Right, then.

4) There will be a British hardcover edition in November, mostly for libraries, as it seems there is library demand for it. The existence of such demand makes me happy. The paperback is still scheduled for March. In addition to Among Others and Tooth and Claw, Corsair will also be publishing The King's Peace, The King's Name and The Prize in the Game sometime next year.

5) I'm going to be guest of honour at Fantastika in Stockholm October 18-20th 2013. I've always wanted to go to Scandinavia! I am planning to go on the train. Well, all right, I'll fly over the large wet bit without any rails, but I'm thinking of doing UK/Stockholm on the train and maybe some more running around in Scandinavia on trains afterwards, and maybe with elisem. I think this would be wonderful.
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