Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Interviewing the Sky

The first thing I want you to get straight is
I was never separated from the waters,
That's calumny,
Waters are not all liquid.
The waters and I are like that.

I was not separated from the earth either
You think of me as up,
But I also go all the way down.
Wind in the grass is me too,
It's me you're breathing.

The blue is light scattering
It has to do with distance and the way photons
bend as they run along.
Thank you, I agree; it suits me.
It's just the shades I would have chosen.

Yes. Comes and goes.
There will be lightning later.
I don't understand your obsession
With time and place.

(Interviewing the Sky is a beautiful named ear-ring set by elisem.)
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