Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

My Worldcon Schedule

Thursday 4.00-5.00pm Signing, NESFA table.

Friday 9:00-10:30:am Kaffeeklatsch: Jo Walton Kaffeeklatsche 4

Friday 2:30-3:00:pm Reading Jo Walton Dusable
(Not sure what I'm reading. Might read a bit of Turnover.)

Saturday 12:00-1:30:pm Heinlein's Heroes San Francisco
Are Heinlein stories evergreen because of his predictive genius, his social commentary, or because he created compelling characters? Bradford Lyau Deb Houdek Rule Ian Randal Strock Jo Walton Toni Bogolub

Sunday 9:00-10:30:am The Election of Stephen Douglas and Other Implausibilities Columbus EF
Edward James Eleanor Arnason Evelyn C. Leeper Jason Heller Jo Walton

Sunday 1:30-3:00:pm The Ethics of Book Reviewing Grand Suite 3 Discussion on what are the ethics of book reviewing? What biases or conflicts of interests need to be divulged? What kinds of statements are not appropriate? Is it OK to review a book by a personal friend (or an enemy)?
Jo Walton Michael J. Lowrey Michael Levy Monica Valentinelli Roland Green

Sunday evening: Hugo reception, ceremony etc.

Mon 12:00-1:30:pm Autograph Session 18 Autograph Tables

This is the lightest Worldcon programming I've had probably ever, which wasn't what I expected, but it will give me more time to hang out and have fun. Also, note my amazingly early morning Kaffeeklatch. I promise to bring special Canadian treats for any early risers who can make it. Do come if you can!
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