Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Among Others UK Cover

Constable and Robinson's edition, coming next year to the UK and the Commonwealth excluding Canada. You can click on the cover for a larger image. I like it better -- less orange! But I don't actually like it. Still, I am not a marketing person, and it's fortunate I'm not because I'd be really really bad at it. My favourite book covers are old Gollancz bright yellow SF covers, and my second favourite are old Penguins. If it had to be orange they should have used the same orange as old Penguins. That would have been cool.

The US paperback has a new edition too, yay. It's exactly the same except with a big star and the words "Winner of the Nebula Award". Which, despite having the thing on the tchotchke shelf right above the computer where I can see it if I look up, still doesn't feel entirely real.
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