Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Thud: Turnover

Words: 2088
Total words: 2088
Music: Three Double Concertos
Tea: Jon Singer's Green Pu Er, followed by London Tea Company's White Tea with Apricot and Elderflower.
Files: 3
Reason for stopping: bedtime

I've given up for the time being on getting Protext working properly in the emulator and gone back to the 386 laptop. I'm still planning to write the Talleyrand thing but I've been doing research on it forever and it still needs research, and I'm quite excited about this and I thought I'd sit down and write it and see where it wanted to go.

It's about the middle generation of a generation starship, and it's inspired by a panel at last year's farthingparty (Info on this year's here and here) and something Z said when we were in Florence.
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