Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Whole pile of stuff

I am home. I've been home for a while, but I've been only half awake for the whole time, as if part of my head was still off somewhere in a train and needed to catch up. So now I have a whole pile of stuff to post about and will drop it all on you at once -- sorry about that.

So, my netbook got stolen in between Albuquerque and Chicago. It was in my pack, and somebody must have opened it and taken it. Yeah, I should have kept it with me, but it was fine on all the other legs, and it's uncomfortable in my bag when I'm sleeping. And it was a $209 netbook with a password on it and not a lot of resale value. Most people are mostly honest and I wouldn't have thought it was worth stealing. They stole the mouse as well, and the nice striped pencil case ashnistrike gave me in 2008 for the mouse and the wires. Oh, and my iPod. I hadn't had it long enough to really bond with it, so it's more infuriating than distressing. It was one of those security risk assessments -- not very much worth stealing, not a huge loss if lost. My passport and ATM card, on the other hand, were never physically out of my touch.

I have bought another netbook, and Z has installed Ubuntu and Dos on this one, which I am calling Vlad.

Interview with me by members of the bookclub of the Word bookstore in Brooklyn.

Among Others is on the Locus Recommended list and therefore is also listed on their poll and it's also on Jeff Vandermeer's dozen favourites of 2011.

And I have one more bookstore event coming up, at Bakka Phoenix in Toronto -- on Saturday February 25th at 15.00.
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