Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

In dialogue with his century

I was getting a book off the shelf last night and I came eye to eye with the hardcover of Patterson's biography of Heinlein Robert A Heinlein: In Dialogue With His Century and I realised what a stupid title it is. Especially for Heinlein, who seemed to write things that went straight from the nineteenth century to the future without pausing for the present.

Twentieth Century: Cars, planes, electricity!

Robert A. Heinlein: The nineteenth century is over! Soon we will be going to the stars!

Twentieth Century: The depression, WWII!

Robert A. Heinlein: To the stars! First we'll settle the solar system. Martians!

Twentieth Century: Cold war.

Robert A. Heinlein: Bomb shelters!

Twentieth Century: Boop, be doop, be doop, be doodle-ooo, boop, be boop, be boop, be doodle-ooo, boop, be doop, be doop, be doodle-eye-doo!

Robert A. Heinlein: The nineteenth century is over! Soon we can have sex with our mothers and our clones! Also, come on, hey, we haven't even got to the moon yet, and I want to have sex with Martians!

Twentieth Century: Apollo XI. Done with space now. Boop be doop be doop...

Robert A. Heinlein: The stars!

Twentieth Century: Computers!

Robert A Heinlein: The stars! Also, more hot competent red-heads, are you listening?

Twentieth Century: If one of us isn't listening, are you sure it's me?
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