Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Bibliography for Among Others

For everybody who asked for it. Compiled by the awesome bibliotechie, who also brought chocolate shekels to my reading in New York. She's a librarian, obviously.

I have fixed a few minor errors that I noticed -- if you spot any more, please mention in comments.

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I found this while searching for a list as I know I want to read a lot more stuff before I re-read Among Others! I loved it so - but desperately wanted to befriend Mor and lend her my complete Children of the Star trilogy. I read Heritage of the Star as a teen in my English school library and was in my twenties before I discovered and obtained the others from America. So many books that I have read mentioned, and so many that I hadn't! It actually feels like I did befriend her and she recommended all these books to me. *taking it too seriously face*
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My husband and I both just finished your book. It is lovely in both the kindle and audible editions. One inaccurate point kept jumping out at me. The surname of Daniel and Sam is Markova. However, Eastern-European surnames never end in an A for males. So, Morwenna would be a Markova, but Daniel and Sam would be Markov. I am Eastern-European Jewish myself, and it is common for a husband and wife to have slightly different surnames, the wife could have an A at the end. After immigration, it is more common that the females of family adopt the male form of the surname, dropping the A at the end. It is very unlikely that a man would take on the female form of the surname (ending in an A).

Just re-read Among Others and mentioned that I wishes there was a list and lo and behold there is! So many of these books are familiar, and others I have only heard of, or passed by, but if Mor liked them then I should give them a shot.

Thank you so much for (a) writing beautiful and amazing books and (b) posting this list!

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