Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Thud: Beloved Enemy

Words: 1700
Total words: 5655
Files: 3
Tea: Dragon pearls
Music: No music, people asleep and speakers have not magically fixed themselves because I glared at them
RSI: Terrible.
Reason for stopping: end of bit

I'm reading Duff Cooper's Talleyrand, which is the kind of excellently written biography I most enjoy. It has an extra level of irony in being written in 1932, so the things he says about making treaties to keep peace in Europe and have a strong Poland and so on have the history I know and he doesn't yet hanging over them, even though he is talking about Napoleon. Also, on Fanny Burney visiting Talleyrand in England "It was as if she had wandered out of the drawing rooms of Sense and Sensibility to find herself in the elegantly disordered alcoves of Les Liaisons Dangereous".

Oh, and also, you know the French revolutionary calendar? Did you know that as well as having 30 day months containing 3 ten day weeks, they also gave each day of the year its own flower, mineral, animal or tool, to replace the saints days? So cool! Today, for instance, 27th Nivose, is the day of Lead. I was slightly disheartened when I found out that my birthday is Wax, but then I decided that was kind of cool.
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