Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Marketing: Over-rated

I know some writers are being encouraged to have blogs. This is going to work better with some people than others. Just saying. There are a couple of writers whose work I'll never read because of their online presence. Life is too short to read things by jerks, but if I'd never encountered them, I'd never have known they were jerks. Being a writer does not make you a nice person. Or even an interesting person. "Played sudoku all afternoon. Still suck." I try not to inflict posts like that on you unless I have something to actually say about it. But then I would anyway. My journalling behaviour is different because I am a writer only in that I sometimes talk about writing, or copyediting or whatever, because it's what I'm doing. Well, and because this is more public than it would be. I wouldn't have 900 people reading this, most of them people I don't actually know, and I can't help being aware of that.

Anyway, I know at least one writer who has been told by her agent to be more upbeast and positive about her work on her blog. But yesterday, while feeling excessively downbeat and negative, I linked to the Half a Crown listing on Amazon in what was probably the most negative way one could imagine, short of saying outright "steaming pile of shit" or "stinking pile of fish guts". I also said that the Amazon listing was just a listing, without any actual information. (janni has a cover. But I have roses and chocolate. When I have a cover, I'll let you know.) Nevertheless, some of you went to Amazon and bought it, and I know this because yesterday it didn't have a sales ranking at all, but today it has the highest sales ranking of any of my books. I know Amazon sales rankings fall from the sky and don't mean anything, but even taking that into account, this one probably means that at least one person read my negative mention and rushed off and gave them good money for it.

Whoever you are, thank you. I feel more positive about it already.

Oh, and bellated happy birthdays to jinian and xiphias, who had birthdays in the last few days when I was head-down in the copyedit.

Sushi tonight.
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