Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Friday morning, reviews and looking for SF.

Farthing review that thinks it's a great book and a Farthing review that thinks it's one of the worst books read in 2007 but will still buy the sequel in paperback, so I can't complain. And another British publisher rejection, (I think that makes ten) which while saying how much it loves the book, still declines the opportunity to publish it. One could look at something that's SF and a mystery as something that falls between two stools, or one could look at it as an opportunity to reach a wider audience. "Slipstream" and "Interstitial" clearly aren't as in as people tell you they are, at least not in Britain. Oh well. Gah.

Looking, in the library, for some SF of the kind with spaceships and other planets, I picked up Chris Moriarty's Spin State. It's excellent, it has characters and is post-cyberpunk in a way that has absorbed what was worth having about it, not to mention AIs, spaceships, other planets and an entirely uninhabitable Earth in which people are still fighting over Ireland. I'd recommend it -- but why does it end with four pages of bibliography on quantum mechanics? If I'd noticed that before reading it -- and I would if I'd been buying it rather than getting it out of the library -- it would have put me right off. I suppose there are people who want something other than "quantum entanglement, handwave, handwave, Bose-Einstein condensates really significant for FTL, handwave, handwave, miners, handwave" but putting the bibliography there like that not only says "I have done my homework" but implies "and you're going to suffer for it" which so isn't the case with this novel. Read it anyway. I gather there's a sequel, but this is so self-contained and complete that I can't imagine what happens in it. Maybe it's a novel about different people in the same universe. That would be nice. I'll be buying it anyway, and looking out for whatever Moriarty does next.

Any recommendations for more recentish SF (by newer writers I might have missed) with spaceships and other planets? Bonus points for good aliens.
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