Jo Walton (papersky) wrote,
Jo Walton

Copyright , IPST and supporting writers

I'm not a copyright objector. I approve of copyright, largely because I believe living authors should retain as much control as they want of their work. I certainly want control of mine. There are certainly things wrong with modern copyright law. I've always been in favour of Traditional American Copyright -- 28 years plus renewable for another 28 if you're still alive and want to renew. I think it's regrettable that there isn't a way to have your work go into the public domain when you die. But I certainly think everyone should respect copyright. Aside from the whole money thing, it lets writers feel safe sharing things.

The whole IPST thing is a question of choice. I responded to Dr Hendrix's remarks with a strong desire to do the opposite, and have a bit of fun doing it. I asked for volunteers -- I wasn't expecting such an overwhelming outpouring of response, and I'm amazed at all the terrific stuff people posted. I quite often post poetry here -- because quite honestly, the instant gratification of response is worth more to me that the future possibility of $5 or $10. Besides, there are places (In 2006, Lone Star Stories, Goblin Fruit, Asimov's, Mythic, Poetry From the Trenches) who are prepared to give me the money anyway, after it's already been up here. I don't want to be called a scab for doing that! I'm from the Valleys. Scab is very strong language. I recoiled from the screen when I read that word. I'm very glad Dr Hendrix has taken that back.

Before posting The Rebirth of Pan and The Prize in the Game yesterday, I haven't posted any whole novels. I regularly post the first few chapters of novels on my web page a few months before they come out. Friends of mine have posted whole novels, and that's their choice, and should be. When Eric Flint started doing it, I wasn't at all sure about how it would work out, but time has shown it doesn't damage paper sales and may even help them because of the exposure.

A couple of people have emailed me asking if there's a tip jar or how they can support technopeasant writers. The best way is to buy their books. or if they don't have books, remember their names for when they do. If you want to support me, buy Farthing, and pre-order Ha'Penny! If you can't afford that buy The King's Peace or Tooth and Claw, they're still in print in paperback. If you can't even afford a paperback, order Ha'Penny now from all the libraries you belong to -- library sales are sales.

Thanks for all the response, I've been quite overwhelmed.

Oh, and to the 40-odd people who have friended me in the last week -- this journal is nothing like this interesting normally! Sometimes I post nothing but wordcount for days on end! I won't be the slightest bit offended if you go away again now the excitement is over. But if you want to stick around and say hello now you're here, that's also fine with me.
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